1. 20 Dec, 2020 1 commit
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      Fix crash on shutdown · 1af7c9f4
      chaz authored
      I'm not 100% sure why this fix works, but it does, and I'm still
      fulfilling my obligations to free resources, so I'm rolling with it.
      See the added comment for some more details.  Basically there seems to
      be a problem with destroying the SDL renderer before destroying the
      window, though that would appear to be the correct order of operations.
      I'm not sure if I'm doing something wonky to cause the issue, but simply
      rearranging the order of destruction makes the crash go away, so here we
  2. 01 Dec, 2020 1 commit
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      Support running in appdir · 6f4c7545
      chaz authored
      This adds a check so that we look for resources:
       * first in ./res, to support running the game as you're developing it,
       * next in $APPDIR/usr/share/3omns in case we're running in an appimage,
       * and finally in the configured DATADIR (/usr/share/3omns) to support a
      normal install.
  3. 28 Nov, 2020 1 commit
  4. 26 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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      Modernize metainfo a bit · 951a4dfd
      chaz authored
      Looks like the spec has been updated since I looked at this last.
  5. 19 Nov, 2020 1 commit
  6. 31 Jul, 2020 1 commit
  7. 01 Aug, 2019 1 commit
  8. 30 Dec, 2016 5 commits
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      Cleaning up some unnecessary tabs, formatting · b6374100
      chaz authored
      No need for those abominable characters unless absolutely required.
      Also compacting the configure.ac code a bit.  Still seems pretty
      readable to me.
    • chaz's avatar
      Add trailing comma · b8e28357
      chaz authored
      Heh, had this sitting around in my working tree from who knows how long
      ago.  Ship it!
    • chaz's avatar
      Make appdatadir ./configure-able · 79312af4
      chaz authored
      Seemed like something that maybe some day someone might maybe want to
      think about wondering about changing.
    • chaz's avatar
      Modernize appdata file · a24b8cb8
      chaz authored
      The one from Mailaender looked like it came from an older version of the
      appdata spec, so I took the liberty of modernizing it and expanding it
      in my own words.
      The spec is a little ambiguous (and the validator tool seems to disagree
      with it sometimes, e.g. about whether the <translation> tag is required)
      but I *think* this is syntactically correct.
    • chaz's avatar
      Merge in appdata file from Mailaender · f7d88e45
      chaz authored
  9. 26 Dec, 2016 1 commit
  10. 14 Jul, 2016 1 commit
  11. 09 Jul, 2016 4 commits
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      Bump manpage date · f1349d7c
      chaz authored
      Oops, shoulda did this allll last week.
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      Bump copyright · 2c700bb8
      chaz authored
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      Update docs with Lua upgrade and new ubuntu builds · 15c10d58
      chaz authored
    • chaz's avatar
      Upgrade to Lua 5.3 · 1524b7cc
      chaz authored
      It's been out for a while, might as well keep current.
      The C code is pretty easy--unsigneds just become integers, no big whoop.
      The lua code is a little trickier since every math operation has to
      (gets to?) take the new integer type into account.  I think I got it all
      ok, might've even gotten a little pedantic in there... but if this isn't
      the place for pedantry, what is?
  12. 08 Jul, 2016 1 commit
  13. 03 Jul, 2016 3 commits
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      Bump version · 02b1653d
      chaz authored
    • chaz's avatar
      Bump version to 0.2 · 0de10dbc
      chaz authored
      I'm calling this state 0.2, mostly so I can cut another release from
      here.  Nothing significant has changed from the user's perspective,
      things just work better under the hood.
    • chaz's avatar
      Remove note about unreliable network code · 8deca14b
      chaz authored
      I *believe* the net code is now reliable (and by that I just mean game
      messages won't be processed out of order) even on the noisy, unreliable
      I haven't done a thorough audit or even much testing to prove this
      belief, but at this point any network errors are unknown bugs and should
      be considered separately.
  14. 09 Jun, 2016 1 commit
  15. 22 Jan, 2016 1 commit
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      Add bot.lua to dist · ded64102
      chaz authored
      I'd forgotten to add this to Makefile.am when I added the file.
      Thanks to github user nemysis for pointing this out and sending a patch.
  16. 20 Oct, 2015 1 commit
  17. 19 Oct, 2015 1 commit
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      Get bot yielded time from C · 0e9d1441
      chaz authored
      Instead of storing the elapsed time between think calls in the bot, we
      simply pass it through every time from C.  This means the bots can
      operate with variable timing each think call, not that it'll ever happen
      that way.
  18. 18 Oct, 2015 1 commit
  19. 17 Oct, 2015 4 commits
  20. 15 Oct, 2015 4 commits
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      Properly filter out self when looking for others · 10c3cbb6
      chaz authored
      Previously the bots assumed that of the nearest dudes in any position,
      they would always be closest to that position.  This was wrong in a
      number of cases.  This does the filtering properly.
    • chaz's avatar
      Allow any number of args in debug_print · 3f92fd10
      chaz authored
      Just like print.
    • chaz's avatar
      Add, use new filter_array function · 66d1c7f5
      chaz authored
    • chaz's avatar
      Refactor bot code · 582fc7bc
      chaz authored
      Instead of relying on tail call elimination, this sets up a loop that
      repeatedly calls the "do whatever we should be doing next" function.
      Then every action the bot can do simply returns the elapsed time of its
      combined sub-actions.  That way they're more easily composable, and the
      logic is easier to follow, too.
  21. 13 Oct, 2015 4 commits
  22. 14 Sep, 2015 1 commit