Commit 14dccc0f authored by chaz's avatar chaz 👻

Write status after verification

This means if the last item in a download slot already exists, it
doesn't leave Verifying... on the screen forever.
parent 951f4fdd
......@@ -165,7 +165,14 @@ const shouldSkipFile = async (file, progress, alwaysSkipExisting = false) => {
progress.setStatus(`Verifying ${file.originalFilename}...`);
return (await hashFile(file, algorithm) === file[algorithm]);
const shouldSkip = (await hashFile(file, algorithm) === file[algorithm]);
if (shouldSkip)
progress.setStatus(`Verified ${file.originalFilename}`);
progress.setStatus(`Verification failed for ${file.originalFilename}`);
return shouldSkip;
// TODO: --image, --video, --audio, --book, --text, --software -- only download
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